How do you make compression and weight on a clay sculpture

I didn't get this creating weight and compression on wrinkles and other parts of the sculpture exactly.How does this work exactly? You sculpt more on the top side down the wrinkle not inverse for the weight? I would sculpt with monster clay.

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  • Cool thank you I will look up for it:9
  • But if I understood it correctly, you take more from the upper edge (where the weight is on) than from the down side of the wrinkle. Is this the way you sculpt it?
  • Correct, you remove more clay from the upper edge, which blends in more, and the bottom edge should appear heavier.  But that also depends on the type of wrinkle/skin you are sculpting.

  • Cool thank you! I am very happy that Tim martins monster was about something what I also want to create so I’m  just Gonna watch some chapters again. But now I have the idea🤗
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