Gut-eating Lady Zombie in the woods- character contest entry


Here is my entry for the character contest. 

I'm currently a sfx makeup student in germany.
This is my first time ever working with foam latex prosthetics. 

I sculpted the zombie mask in clay, made a mold and cast in foam latex. 

Then i applied it to my lovely model Julia.  After applying makeup and putting her into a costume, wich i distressed with sciccors, paint, fakeblood and literally rubbed in the dirt, we went to take Photos in the nearby Woods.

I figured my Zombie Lady called "Trude", a former secreatary, would by hungry and on the lookout for some juicy  guts. 😅

So i made some edible intestines from gummibear- snakes, honey, oats and food  coloring. I think Trude found them delicious!👌

Hope you enjoy my pictures and Videos. We had so much fun making this.

Greetings from Germany 👋
Amelie Männer 

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