sculpting a monster neck

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I wanted to make a neck light this with these many snakes of clay which I think looks cool, but I tried so many ways, building up snakes of clay (but the sculpture was instabil and it wouldn't be easy to mold) Or making a full part and cutting these things with tools in the clay. Nothing worked, but I definetely wanna try this again. Does anyone have some tips?


  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    What type of clay were you working with?  That type of layered effect looks great, it just takes time to attach and blend each layer so the next has a firm foundation.  Lots of practice helps too! :D
  • I like to use monster clay (but am gonna try NSP somewhen:)) because it won't dry. Yes I know and I tried this over 3 hours...
    But I also don't know how to begin and there is no mask or monster making video which goes down to the neck that far unfortunately.
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