Smoothin oil clay

I tried to smooth my monster ckay u´with 91 or 99 percent isopropanol alcohol but the only thing this made with the clay is non stickyness.
Is there any other option to make a oil clay very smooth and remove small bumps to create a even surface?


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    I use 99% isopropyl alcohol to smooth my monster clay, often with a stiff brush to burnish down the surface. The solvent effect is somewhat mild, but it does work for some effects.   Other than that I'll use heat from an alcohol or butane torch to flame polish the surface.  This effect can be much more dramatic.  You just have to be careful not to over heat the clay or it can start dripping or even boil/burn.  After the heat I use a can of air duster turned upside down to freeze the surface so the clay is back to a workable consistency.

    You can also use solvents like Naptha, NoVOCs (from SmoothOn), lighter fluid, mineral spirits, and similar solvents to smooth the clay.

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    very helpful, thanks chris
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