Streaming Support on Mobile- Chromecast

Any chance streaming on mobile may be supported some day? I cast so much from my phone to my TV these days, but I noticed the videos here (when I watch on my phone) do not include the google cast icon. Would love to see this as an option in the future, instead of having to mirror my device. Thanks for all the great resources you all put out! :)


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    Hi Kelly,

    I'll reach out to our tech team to see if our video player can be setup to work with Chromecat directly.  

    But as a quick workaround, if you are watching the lessons using google chrome from a computer, you can send the active tab to Chromecast and the make the player fullscreen.  That's what I do when I watch at home if I"m not using the Apple TV to do the same.

    Hope that helps!

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    Yeah, I have done it that way before, but the downside to that is I can't pause, skip, forward or rewind without going back into my office and doing it on the PC browser.... which is why mobile support would be SO much more convenient, imo. :)
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