Can you use a linear servo for eyelids?

I just finished David's "How To Make An Eye Mechanism - Design, 3D Printing & Assembly" course. First of all- awesome! So incredibly information!

But I do have a few questions..

I know on his setup he was using multiple rotary servos, and attaching it to the eyelids, one per eyelid, to translate the motion. I was wondering though, is it possible to use a linear servo to accomplish the same thing? Could you use a linear servo to go in/out, and have the attachment on the eyelid(s) be able to pivot around a screw? Likewise, could you use one linear servo to control both eyelids? Perhaps with some kind of bar that splits into two (like an H or Y shape)?  Obviously, this limits the performance capabilities, but for my needs, I just need and easy open/close. I've even wondered if it would be easier to have the bottom lid be static, and only the upper lid move.

The biggest reason I ask is because I'm brainstorming on ideas for limited size and space uses- and wondering just how compact you can get a setup to be. (I'd like to have the eyes built into a mask, worn over the performer's face, and most likely, only one eye animated, instead of two side-by-side).

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    Good to know. I just haven't had any luck finding pictures or videos of anyone using a linear servo for eyes (if you know of any, please feel free to share!)

    I did pick up two HS-55 servos today at any rate, so hopefully that will help me get started tinkering. 
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    Liner servos just are not as common I think.  It's often easier to just keep a stock of regular servos and use mechanical linkages to make their motion linear when needed. 

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