Urielesco´s Creatures


Greetings Ghoulish Fellows, I'm Urielesco_U. I love arts, stories and the great moments and details of the bright side of life, and also, of the dark side...

Unleashing the power of my creativity and setting free the creatures of my imagination, I invite you to discover... THE "URIELESQUE".


Original characters, concepts, makeup and costumes made personally.

Instagram: @urielesco_u

The Zombie Rose Gardener

After the zombie epidemy breakout, a hard-working rose extraordinaire became a vicious, feral living dead, having the plant he adored in life now spreading and piercing through his rotting flesh.

The April Fools Jester

What started as a simple, silly April Fools joke turned fatal. Now, this giant shattering figurine waits for someone to wind up the music box, and unleash upon the world the most evil of pranks once more...

The Embodiment Of Creativity

To finalize, I present the Embodiment of my Creativity, a being formed by the purest of madness, finding, and being, the light in the dark, the beauty in the gloom. A multifaceted creature combining the terror of black and withe with splashes of colorful craziness. Creativity manifests in many ways... what does yours look like?


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