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Hi all. I am learning sculpting and see my lessons here in the school and want share one of my work. Its made with super sculpey firm, a creature from starcraft 2. Creepy creature abathur :) i like it much. I will put the imgur album page here, the fotos are to big to upload again and its more comfortable to take a look.
It is before i bake it and smoothed with turpenoid natural.

The pictures (pictures Updated)

thanx for looking, critiques and comments are always welcome

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  • Very nice sculpt!  Are you planning on painting it after it is baked?

  • Thank you, yes i will paint it, already baked and ready to start.
  • It looks pretty cool to me.
  • Awesome sculpt!
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    Hi again, thanks for the comments.
     I am done with working. Abathur is baked everything is ok, its weekend and Chris Ellerby, yes i will paint it, i will start today or tomorrow, wish me luck :D hope i get it right .
  • Awesome!  Have fun painting it, and good luck!  I'm sure it will come out amazing.

  • Looks great. I wish I had your photography skills  :smile:

    A light brown or tan  wash would sink in and bring out the detail in all that nice texturing you did on the black areas. I would probably finish it off with some bright yellow-green highlights and clear gloss (or 5 minute epoxy) on the green parts so it looks wet.

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    :) thank you very much i was working on it and my goal was make some slimey effects on the green areas but today is my creature because of an accident died, it looks like a crusher spider now :) maybe i make a new one better one
    and next time i dont paint it so dark, it dont like so great with so much black.
    Maybe a albino one, because this buglike creature dont see the sunlight , semi transparent skin wet and pale* .

    ps i use samsung nx 3000, very nice and not expensive one, can recommend it for things like this.  and thanx much for nice ideas, i use them on my new abathur :)
  • That is unfortunate, but at least you got some great pictures before it happened. Did you use an armature for all the limbs? If not, that will add some sturdiness to the limbs.

    I like the black, I just think a wash always helps fill in the cracks and bring out the detail. You sculpted the detail so you always "see" it. Observers won't always. Broken pieces might be good for experimenting on color.

    The albino/pale one sounds interesting too. :smile: 
  • Amrit JaivalaAmrit Jaivala ✭✭
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    Yep i use metal armatures it makes really though but not when a 100 kg construction worker stand on it :D really like a crushed bug now .
  • Nice creature!
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