Coating spandex with Silicone to make a removable skin to punch hair into?

I'm looking to make a large Sasquatch like creature. I've been playing with the idea of first sewing a spandex skin, then paiting silicone on to it.Then I would like to be able to punch hair into that skin to have maximum control over the look of the hair. Would the spandex/silicone skin still allow me to punch hair into it or would the spandex effect the grip of the silicone on the hair?


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    I'll have to give it a try then and find out. :D
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    Normally you punch the hairs fairly deep into the silicone, as the only thing holding the hair in place is the silicone gripping it.  My concern is the silicone might be too thin to hold the hairs in well, and the suit would be quite heavy. 

    But you never know, a small scale test may show promise!

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