Share your workspace photos!

Many of us face the challenge of working with limited space, which often means getting creative with how we use what little space and resources we have available to us.

This thread is a place where everyone can share photos of their workspace, discuss workspace optimization, etc.

My home workspace:   (AKA, no garage)

For years I did much of my personal work on a workbench in the corner of my livingroom, which was a bit of an eyesore.  I knew things needed to change when I found myself using an angle grinder and trying to avoid igniting my curtains with showers of sparks.

So I bit the bullet and converted my spare bedroom (that was being used for storage for film gear and props for my production company) into a proper shop/lab.

These photos are over a year old, and a lot has changed since then.  I'll post some more up-to-date shots soon.

The basic setup is 2 workbenches in the corner, with a custom-built corner table filling in the void between them.  A large shelf for storing chemicals, tools, etc.  A white craftsman tool chest for various tools (sculpting, sanding, glues, etc).  And a black tool cart for airbrush supplies (compressor on bottom). 

Since taking these photos I've added a lot of new tools, made a lot of optimizations, and also made quite a mess with my most recent projects.  I'm slowly adding my most commonly used tools to the bench top pegboards, and moving less frequently used tools to storage.

For larger tools there are a couple different shop locations that I go to, including a local hacker space that has a laser cutter, CNC mill, and vacuum form machine.

Please post some examples of your own workspaces, and critiques/optimization suggestions are welcome!



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