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I am looking for help, from anyone who actually charges for sculpting and master mold making, on how much to charge for an 8" tall winged gargoyle. The mold would be a 4 piece mold; Head, Body (perched on a pedestal), Wings

Note to Responder: I am leaving it up to you to decide what material the master mold would be made of for the best detail results and longevity for roto-casting in resin.

I appreciate your advice.  :)



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    i'm not a master mold-maker, but i'm good at sculpting.

    so for you question:

    it depends on what are you trying to do, if you do just a model that isn't supposed

    to move or animate,you can sculpt it with either polymer clays (fimo or sculpey,

    and don't bake! just sculpt) or non-sulphur clays. and then make a two half silicone

    for the whole sculpture,(don't do a 1-piece mold for every body part)  and

    then cast it with resin.

    you can find great silicone molds tutorials on stopmotionmagazine (the youtube

    channel) and then just use resin instead of plastic to cast.

     i hope i helped, and feel free to ask more if you have anything.

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    I have made many molds and one thing you should consider before you start your idea is the mold.
    firstly silicone can if you buy an expensive shore which is its strength be expensive, to cast.
    lets say a torso that's life size in British money could cost you with a fiber glass shell about £250 in materials.
    Before i sculpt any piece of work its better to start with your idea and how many mold pieces will be needed to make a hard copy and how the cuts will have to be made to remove a hard copy from the mold
    This will help you work out your budget and how much time will be needed to make your mold.
    On average i will take a week to make my mold's giving plenty of time for silicone and fiberglass to set.

    good luck and go for it, you only learn from doing.

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