About how to mix water with plaster

Hi! We have seen this course and me and my girldfriend have a doubt about how to mix the plaster with the water. We usually make our mix adding plaster to water till water is totally filled with it. When the plaster is wet then we mix the whole thing but in this course John adds water to the plaster, the inverse way. Why he is doing that? Is for a specifically reason?

Maybe he explained it but our level of english is no so good and sometimes we miss some information. Thank you in advance! 
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  • Hi,
    I didn't watch the course yet, but I think when you mix water in plaster and not the other way arround,  the plaster can mix with the plaster better, I like to add some water, mix it, add some more water until all water is mixed in. There are several techniques but I like this one.

    Hope this is useful to you
  • So there is not only a correct or properly way to mix plaster?
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    You never want to add water to plaster, as the plaster will clump up around the water and prevent proper mixing.  This can lead to lumps and an uneven mixture.

    Always sift plaster into water so the powder fully hydrates.

    Once you have a mixture by sifting into water, you can add more water to thin things out if desired, but by starting with sifting you insure you have a properly hydrated and even mixture.

  • Thank you so much!
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