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How could I make a professionellere background for masks or creature props or other projects? I know you could use just a white or black background, but how could I make a background like the basement fx have for their masks or the pitch black from immortal masks? Should I use green screen (I don’t know how to use it ...) or black or white fabric? What could I do?


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    Hi Maximilian,

    For product photography a black or white fabric background is common. 

    It looks like The Basement FX has 2 shots of each mask, one of a person wearing it, who is likely standing in front of an actual brick wall, and a product shot of just the mask with a digitally replaced background.

    To digitally replace the background you can use green screen, but that is not required.  Any solid background can work.  You can even do it if the background is not solid, it would just require more work tracing out the mask.

    You would need a photo editing program like Adobe Photoshop.  If you can't afford it, there is a free alternative called Gimp that is quite popular.  Then you can use some of the editing programs tools (magic wand, masking tools, eraser, brushes and clipping masks, etc) to remove the background.  After the background is removed you can put any new background you like on a layer below your photo.  You can also put some layer effects on your subject and give it a bit of a drop shadow that is cast onto the background to tie things together.

    YouTube has a lot of videos about background removal in Photoshop and Gimp.

    That said, nothing beats taking a good photo of your mask in front of a real background that is properly lit. No extra work there!

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    Great thank you so much!!
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    My pleasure!

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