Sprinter Poison Dart Frog

 This is the poison dart frog, I sculpted, ran and applied. Model's head was quite small and I didn't want to make a lot of changes to her overall head shape. However, I still wanted to achieve androgyny.
 The make-up consists on a self fabricated bald cap and  two foam pieces ( eyes/nose and chin). 
 The goal with the sculpt was to make it as simple as the frog it was based on, not a lot of wrinkles, and as humanoid as possible. 
 Painted with self fabricated PAX, acrylics, Endura's vein colour and Ben Nye's creams.  Shine was achieved with castor oil.


(This picture I had digitally changed the eyes -In Canada, make up artists cannot put lenses on people, So I wanted to see how it would look with different coloured eyes)

(Her natural eyes)



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