Supplies in Rural Area Substitution Ideas

The situation is as described. In a non english speaking rural area (Vietnam)
 If someone can take the time to list universal materials that substitute Plaster /Silicone /Paint/ Foam / Glues 
/Clay/Et al.

 I knew before coming to bring as much as I can.  Not bringing even 1 ounce of 99% isopropyl for alcohol activated makeup was a huge mistake. (Imagine lugging around $1.74 99% iso 12000 miles.) Its bad enough I had to bring my ultracal mold and half a gallon of plat sil. 

One idea I had was using gelatin for making molds and a fancy cement for props.  Not much information in the sfx use of these.. I am only curious. I brought the bare minimum with my for the film but the more gore' the better..
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