Which songs should are good when sculpting?

Norman Cabrera said in his course he hears special songs from bands when he sculpts, which? I forgot this.


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    I like stuff without lyrics so it's not distracting.  Lately I find "Synth Wave" music (Retro 80s feel with lots of synths and high energy) work well for me.  If you have Spotify there are a lot of great Synth Wave playlists on it.

    Also depends on what you are sculpting.  Sometimes finding music that's in the same theme/genera as the sculpture gets you in the right head space.

    I know a lot of folks like to listen to movie soundtracks as well.

    What does everyone else like to listen to when sculpting?

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    Great thanks! Yes most guys like 80s.
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    Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2019
    Hey :-)

    Last week, i recognized, that i am more productive when hearing sounds from the 80s, too xD. I didnt know why, until i read Chris words about "high energy" in the music.
    I think thats it <3
    I found a great 80s playlist on Youtube a few Minutes ago ;-)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rew1QiIwna8 - give it a try ;-)


    Edit: Edited the link :-)
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    I also heard of it. Maybe I’m gonna give it a try. Yeah.
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    I can't follow the link- Is there a name of the songs?
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    I have edited the link :-) Now it should work ;-)
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    Yes thank you!
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    I like to listen chill music, I always want to work too much fast, so it helps me to restrain, very usefull lol
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    Cool good idea. Thanks!
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