How would tim gores createx bloodline box set work for latex?

I saw the whole boxset of tim gores paintline BLOODLINE. It also contains the following addings:
  • Restorer
  • High Performance Reducer
  • Automotive Reducer
  • Intercoat
Does anyone know for what they get used. I read the data sheet but its quite complicated... So my question is: For which things could I use these added things to change the bloodline for using it also on latex? Like would some thin it or stuff like this. And is there a mix ration for them and the bloodline?

I would be so happy to get help from someone!!!

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    You can totally use Tim Gore's Bloodline paints on latex.   In our Latex Mask Painting Techniques course Tim uses his Bloodline paints quite a bit.

    These may not be the same formulas as in the Bloodline kit, as I believe Tim had everything highly customized, but these default Createx additives may provide some insight.

    4008 Restorer:
    A water-based, biodegradable cleaner used for soaking airbrush and spray-gun parts after painting

    • Partially dissolves dried paint allowing for easy clean-up with soap & water.
    • Use as a soak for metallic parts: nozzle, needle, cup.
    • Re-Usable. Keep in metal or ceramic container.
    • Dissolves soft-plastics. Keep away from non-PTFE coated O-rings.
    • Flush airbrush or spray-gun with water after using Restorer.
    • See 4008 Technical Data Sheet for more information.

    4012 High Performance Reducer:
    • A premium reducer for thinning water-based paint. Allows for decreased drying and curing times as well as improved flow with less tip-dry
    • Mix with paint in any ratio to achieve desired viscosity and transparency. Non-reactive
    • For use with all Createx Colors paints. Store paint bottles air-tight after mixing
    • Use as cleaner when mixing 4030 Intercoat with Createx Colors paints as colors dry too hard for rinsing with 5618 Airbrush Cleaner
    • Water-based. Meets ASTM D-4236. Proudly made in the U.S.A
    Thin airbrush colors, increase transparency, and improve flow with waterbased Createx 4012 High Performance Reducer (also called Wicked Colors W500). Use this premium reducer with Auto Air Colors, Wicked Colors, Illustration Colors, and AutoBorne Sealers. Paints have a 72-hour pot life after they're mixed with 4012.

    Specifically designed to optimize flow and eliminate tip-dry, this reducer can be used with both Createx Wicked Colors and Createx Auto Air Colors. Flow characteristics are enhanced without surface tension, allowing for greater coverage per coat. Colors cure to a matte, level finish — perfect for automotive taping and graphics masking. W500 High Performance Reducer also allows paints to cure more completely through air drying alone and lowers the risk of cratering (in comparison to airbrush colors mixed with W100 Reducer).

    4020 Automotive Reducer:
    Specialty thinner for use when painting in humid or cold conditions.

    • Best when with 4012 or 4011 to create a cocktailed dilutant so colors flow & dry fast without seeding.
    • Recommended starting ratio is 4012 3:1 4020 (25% 4020 per volume).
    • Contains Acetone and Glycol Ethers.
    • Use only in controlled spray environments with adequate ventilation and a NIOSH / MSHA approved respirator.
    • See 4020 Technical Data Sheet for more information.

    The Intercoat may be similar to 4030 Balancing Clear, which apparently used to be called 4030 Intercoat

    4030 Balancing Clear
    Creates an acrylic-urethane paint.
    • A non-catalyzed, polyurethane, water-based clear additive.
    • Mix 4030 with any Createx Colors paint 10 - 25% per volume or more.
    • Improves spray performance, flow, adhesion and leveling.
    • Reduces tip-dry and drying times.
    • See 4030 Technical Data Sheet for more information.

    Again, the actual formulas in Tim's kit are likely customized, but this may help clarify how they can be used.

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    By actual formula I mean that Tim Gore's Bloodline is produced by Createx, but rather than using their normal formulas Tim has had them customize things to perform the way he wants.  Because of this, I have no way of knowing if any of the additives like the reducer/restorer/etc use the regular Createx formulas, or if adjustments have been made based on Tim's preference.  That said, the general purpose of the additives should be the same as listed above.

    For the restorer, it behaves like a remover, so the applications you suggest should all be fine.

    The 4012 reducer could be used for washes, as it increases the transparency of the paint.

    The 4020 automotive reducer has acetone, which changes the way it behaves (it'll dry faster) but it should still work with latex.  I believe it's often mixed with 4012 in different ratios for different results.  A lot of experimentation is needed with the additives to learn how they impact things.  

    4030 is a clear coat (no pigment) so it can be used between layers to prevent bleeding, as a top coat, or mixed with paints to act like a thinner.

  • Micah J.Micah J. ✭✭✭
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    Also check out the Flexible Adhesion Promoter that is a part of Tim Gores Bloodline paints. It is used to put a top coat over the latex and allow the paint to stick and flex better once dry.


  • Thank you so much for the help chris,

    but how do you mean tims actual formula?
    So if I understand this correctly,
    the restorer gets used for cleaning an airbrush but could I also use it to clean the latex from the paints, to maybe create the rub off effect (spraying the whole mask with colour, rubbing it again off that the paint stays in wrinkles) ?

    thinning the paint for applying in thin washes?
    thinner for humid areas, but I don't know how or for what I should use this with the 4012 for painting on latex...
    WHich effect would this create on the latex? I am not sure.

  • Thank you so much no I understand it, Chris:) Anyway I will wait until I have a sculpture ready and then painting is the last step. Thank you so so much
  • Micah,
    I heard of it, its the must have when painting on latex with bloodline :) It has the bloodline logo too :o
    I heard also that you can mix it with the paint with 2 parts paint and 10 parts promoter... anyway thank you so much!
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