Home-made Fake blood (tests)

Hi there!
Just wanted to share something I worked on today. I was inspired after finishing the book that I was reading yesterday (Anything you Can Imagine ; Peter Jackson & the making of Middle-Earth). I decided to find home-made solutions to my lack of materials and my first idea was to make my own fake blood.
I am more interested in making props, but fake blood sounded fun to try and I had everything I needed in our kitchen! So I made those two, called them Orcish Green and Harpy Red. I am not entirely satisfied with how they feel and look on the skin, still needs some work, but it was fun! I plan on making more experiments. For the red one I followed a tutorial, the Green one was more me trying something. Both are edible, non-toxic and they actually washed off pretty well when I tested them on my skin.


  • They look great! What did you use?
  • Thanks! 

    Harpy Red was made with hot water (boiling), sugar, cocoa powder and red food coloring.
    Orcish Green was the same base idea but I tried using Matcha powder in it to darken the green coloring rather than Cocoa only :)  
  • Looking good!  You can also darken red by adding green food coloring (not blue) if you want to darken it without adding the brownish color you get from the coco.  Blue will shift the hue towards purple, but green will just darken.

  • Yeah I heard that! Also heard that I could use Yellow food coloring with the red one for a more ''fresh'' look. 
    I only had red and green with me so I decided to only go with that for now, but I will make sure to try this as well !
  • Half the fun is experimenting!  :D

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