Is there a Clear Latex paint base?

I would like to use the solar color dusts but the only work in a clear base, but is there one which sticks on latex and is liquid so you can still see every detail of the mask?

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  • Ahhh thanks again Micah!!!! I saw this somewhere but I thought its like latex.. very thick I hope this isn't gonna cover details. Anyway they from solar color dust the surface should be white for best results. DO you think the natural latex colour (yellowish when dried) is fine or should I buy white latex or cover my normal latex white before I paint?
  • Ah okay thank you! You said you like to use them on silicone... DO you cast your silicone clear or with colours? How does this work for you, and can you also paint with other colours on your project first or after you painted with the dust, or can you also mix different dusts?
  • Micah J.Micah J. ✭✭✭
    I've never mixed the pigments, we only ever had the one. It was used on a white swatch. I don't think you can lay this over other colors as it's not clear so, whatever you paint over is going to be white. Maybe not a bad thing for a vampire mask, though.
  • Yes complicated;) but thank you!!
  • Yes thank you for your help, Manlima!
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