New Blood on the Block (Ultimate Blood from Smooth-On)

Smooth-On recently announced the launch of their new product "Ultimate Blood" which has some rather interesting properties.

This is not just another effects blood, but more of a blood system with the following components:
  1. Ultimate Blood base
  2. Thixo thickening agent
  3. Thinner
  4. Color tints; Yellow, Blue, and Red
Features they boast:
  • The base is intended to be close to the color and viscosity of real human blood.
  • The same batch can be thickened and thinned again.
  • Color can be fine tuned based on application, lighting conditions, etc.
  • Color does not shift when thickened or thinned.
  • Does not bead up and wets out over human skin and silicone much like natural blood.
  • Does not shift color as it dries
  • Once dry it remains flexible and will not flake off
  • Does not re-liquify with sweat and moisture
  • Cleans up with soap and water
  • Certified skin safe

I have to say I'm quite impressed with what I've seen so far.  Can't wait to get a kit and try it out for myself!


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