colour changing/UV paints, pigments

Hi, does anyone no, where I can buy colour changing or UV paints or pigments which would work on latex or silicone?

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    Hi Maximilian,

    What do you mean by color changing?  Do you want them to fluoresce in a different color than under normal light?

    If you just mean having them fluoresce under UV light, then the following may help.

    For silicones you can use Silc-Pig pigments with their Electric Fluorescent Pigments:

    For urethane rubbers, plastics, and foams you can use Ignite pigments from Smooth-On:

    I've not tried either of these pigment lines with latex. I don't believe the silicone pigment would be compatible, but I'm curious how a urethane pigment would work in latex.  I've never tried it.

    Thankfully you can pigment latex with acrylic paint, and there are plenty of florescent acrylics out there.  

    Hope that helps!



  • Hi Chris,

    yeah exactly. I mean something which would look different on for instance the dark, blacklight or under sun light. I would like to use this for for instance a monster which you can just see under blacklight, or a vampire which changes colour when exposed to the sun. I know that there are colour changing glued... lol.

    thanks this helped me a lot! I’ll watch out for them and the name florescent is also gonna Help!

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