This is an original clown design made for Midsummer Scream 2019. The face was sculpted in Chavant Clay, molded in Ultra Cal, and casted in Foam Latex. The fingers were sculpted, molded, and then casted in Silicone. The clown nose was sculpted separately, casted in Foam Latex, and painted with Black Pax Paint. The makeup was painted using White Pax Paint as a base and then airbrushed over using White Endura Alcohol Based Paint. I added gray speckling over the white to help break up the color and used a mix of different Ben Nye grease wheels to add depth to the eye bags and creases in the face. The black clown makeup was done using Black Alcohol Based Paint and a thin point black liquid eyeliner for cleaner lines. The fingers were tinted white and then painted using Psycho Paint. I took a lot of inspiration from Pierrot Clowns and Lon Chaney in "Laugh, Clown, Laugh".
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