Steampunk Falmer

Falmers were immortal elves long time ago. Beautiful and tall, with long golden hair, pale faces and blue eyes. But for some reason, or maybe a curse was involved, hatred grew inside of them. It was so strong, so bright, they chose to live apart from all the other beings – under the ground. While time passed, they dug deeper and deeper into the ground, making a city of tunnels and in a process many of them lost their sight: you don't need eyes in total darkness. But not all of them were so unfortunate: some falmers revealed the power of steam and even electricity. With it they built giant smoke breathing machines and dug even deeper. And deeper. And deeper. And one day they encountered something even they couldn’t understand: true evil lurked beneath their feet, blooming like a flower inside their souls and minds. While time passed they were possesed with this demonic power, and had no will of their own. Sometimes they ascended to higher levels of the labyrinth and killed other falmers. For food. This is one of them: a soulless creature of pure hatred that once was a beautiful elf with a golden hair...

This elf was made with gelatin prosthetics. Teeth are from polymorph plastic. Clock details are from a genuine over a 100 year old clock. Nails are done by my friend and everything else from scratch done by myself :)

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