Can you lend some advice?

I've learned by trial and error most of my life but I'm looking for some help. The inner pink part of the eye (the lacrimal caruncle), do most people sculpt this or add it later when doing a set of hard acrylic eyes? I'm doing a static piece that will be cast in slush latex as a finished piece, and the inner eye seems like it could be added after the eyes are installed with some silicone and painted. Has anyone here tried this, or what have you done that works well?


  • I feel like that might be easier to add in after, since it has such a close fit to the eye and somewhat locks the in in place as it's in front of the eye.  Though this is not something I've attempted.  I may give that a shot on my current animatronic project and see if I can get it to work.

    If you are able to insert the eyes from behind, it might be easier to sculpt it all in place though.

    I too am curious to see what others are doing for this!

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