How to glue dissimilar materials? The answer lies within!

One challenge in fabrication is getting two objects to stick to each-other with a bond that is not going to fail when you least expect it.  Picking the right glue for the right job can be a real challenge.  Some materials either react poorly to certain glues and solvents, or just refuse to bond.

The solution (other than trial and error) is this amazing website:  http://www.thistothat.com/

You pick the two materials you wish to glue   [Rubber] to [Fabric] and it tells you that you want to use Barge or 3M 77 spray if you don't want the glue to show.   Each adhesive it suggests has a link to a page that details its various properties like toxicity, time to adhere, where to find it, and other similar adhesives.

And it's always a great idea to test a new adhesive on scrap material before applying it to your project!


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