Textures sculptures

Hello, i have recently watched the Don Lanning tutorial about textures. It was so incredible to see him making these things and i see he did that with passion.
Here are my works.  What do you think? What can i improve? 


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    Looks great! Don really is a fantastic instructor.

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    Ahh! Awesome sculpting, really great work...The only advise I can offer is...think of the shadows contained in the peaks & valleys of your sculptures, tuning these shadows can add more drama to your forms and details. An example: when sculpting with the power of the x lay down your pattern, once complete go back over and deepen some of the established lines, just a few perhaps randomly... to play the light lines against the darker, deeper lines can create a more dynamic looking pattern(sculpt) this also applies to forms.  Keep sculpting my friend, I hope to work with you in the future - Don Lanning
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    Thank you so much for your comment and your advice.
    It encourages me to continue and become better in a few years.
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