Suggestions : looking for behind the scenes documentaries & books (UPDATED)

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The behind the scene blogs here are awesome, but I'm looking for more.
I often buy the movies special editions when I know they include a documentary. I Love, love, love the Hobbits and Lord of the Rings blu-ray with hours of content to go through! I'm far from being at a level to work in movies, but watching these kinds of documentaries really gets me excited to get to work even if I'm really tired after coming back home from my day job.

Most of the more recent movies that I am really interested in only offers concept art books. Some of them don't even have any book format or only sold them for a very limited time in my area.

Super interested to know more details about Detective Pikachu, Aquaman, Maleficent, the upcoming Dark Crystal show, and so many more. But I can only find tiny pieces of articles here and there or 60 seconds clips.  

Any suggestions of movies or books that include in depth details like the Hobbits ones?
I already have the special editions for the hobbits, Avatar, first two Star Wars trilogies and documentaries, Nightmare before Christmas and many more with small clips only (Warcraft, Beauty & the Beast,...).

thank you!

Decided that I will be adding a list of books and video content that I think are really worth it that I've already seen / own and will add your own suggestions :

Suggested by Chris ; Cinefex

My book suggestions:

Anything you can Imagine ; Peter Jackson & the making of Middle Earth
Art & History of Stan Winston studio (of course)
Warcraft ; Behind the Dark Portal
Walt Disney Hachette Figurine Collection (the books, but good luck finding them, only have Bambi)
The Lord of the Rings Sketchbook - Alan Lee
Spider-man into the Spider-verse ; The art of the Movie

These two are video game related and not movie related but can be really useful for concepts, 3D, storyboard....
The Cinematic Art of World of Warcraft ; Wrath of the Lich King
Dominion Marine Corps Field Manual (starcraft art book)

Video Suggestions:
Star Wars documentary from the complete Star Wars collection in Blu-ray
The Hobbits and Lord of the rings complete making of from the movies special editions (I only own the Hobbits ones unfortunately :( )

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  • Hi Melissa,

    One source you may enjoy is the magazine Cinefex which has a lot of great behind the scenes information about films.  They also have a digital version which lets you view back issues.

    I also grew up on behind the scenes features and magazines like Fangoria showing the makeup and special effects side of movies.  It's something that I really miss now that I don't purchase movies any more.  With services like Apple TV, Hulu, and Netflix I find myself renting or watching the main feature, without access to any kind of behind the scenes content.  Hopefully that is something that changes as the industry adapts to streaming.

  • Please keep the information coming.  I have to keep searching.  
  • Thank you! I think the only movie related magazines around here are Empire haha. I usually prefer video formats or books, but I'll look into Cinefex. Is it a little similar to ImagineFX? My boyfriend used to subscribe to them but this one is more focused on Concept art..

    I recently finished reading ''Anything you can imagine : Peter Jackson & the making of Middle Earth'' which was really interested, I highly recommend it!
    Right now I am reading Warcraft : Behind the Dark Portal and planning to pre-order the upcoming book for the Netflix show on Dark Crystal.
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