Problem with recommended product

In the course, Latex Mask Painting Techniques, they recommend using Liquitex varnish as clear final coat.
I used it as shown and it cracked and peeled. Is this information out of date? 


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    Hi Chris,

    I regularly use Liquitex varnishes in my projects and really love it, but there are a few things that can make a clear coat crack.

    If the varnish is too thick it can crack
    If the paints below the clear coat are thick, they can crack which can force the varnish to crack
    Some varnishes can be brittle if not mixed properly 

    Peeling is also a concern since it may mean the clear coat did not properly adhere to the layers below it and delamination occurred.

    Liquitex has some great detailed instructions and information about their varnishes here:  https://www.liquitex.com/row/tips/varnishing/

    Which varnish did you get, and how was it applied?

    Clear coats can be quite tricky, and it's no fun when they have issues! :(

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    I got the same ones in the course video. I airbrushed a even coat. 
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    It's also possible environmental factors like humidity or temperature impacted the gloss coat. 

    What materials were you painting over?

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    A latex mask with latex paint and some light acrylics. 
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