Can someone help me with T-Rex animatronic tooth from Jurassic Park 1993 or tell me more about this?

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Hello guys,

I joined this forum because I would like to ask you for help.
I would like to get pictures of original T-Rex tooth from first Jurassic Park (1993) that were original screen used,because every tooth I looked up online is different.
I would also like to know,does every tooth that was made for movie had to have number at the bottom?
And lastly,can someone who worked on movie tell me how many teeth were made for both full size animatronic T-Rex?

Reason I'm asking is because I maybe buy prop from one seller,however it doesn't have Certificate Of Authenticity and I would like to get professional opinion.

Thank you very much,
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    Here is the one I would like to buy,but I'm not sure is this the one that was used in final cut?

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    For movie props and memorabilia, the only verified evidence would be a valid certificate of authenticity from an official source (such as the film studio) or a signed letter from someone officially connected to the project explaining the provenance of the piece. Unfortunately, Stan Winston School cannot verify authenticity through photographs or video footage, as high-quality forgeries made from castings of original props would be nearly indistinguishable from the screen-used versions. Therefore, as a rule, we do not offer assistance in establishing the legitimacy of props nor do we offer certificates or letters of authenticity if we can't be 100% sure where a prop came from.

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