Air brush or spray gun for spraying pros-aide?

Hello to the wonderful Deborah Galvez.

Quick question regarding the lesson: 

Fur Transfer, Electrostatic Flocking And Hair Punching'

Just wondering if an airbrush is necessary for spraying Pros-aide or can use a spray gun?
I have this one:

Star 1.7mm Gravity Fed Spray Gun

thank you xx


  • Hey Ella,
    At our shop, we've been using these Harbor Freight external mix airbrushes for lots of sticky and difficult to clean liquids, including prosaide. Since the product never goes thru the airbrush, we don't have to take anything apart and clean it, like an internal mix gun.

    You may need to kick up your compressor a bit tho, prosaide usually gets good to spray cleanly at around 50 psi with this. 

    The quick change bottles can be reused as much as you feel like cleaning them, and spray out fairly cleanly. Just put a straight pin in the top nozzle between uses to keep it open. 

    At $11 for 5 1oz. bottles, air hose, adaptor and the brush, they're pretty much disposable if you don't!

    You'll find a million uses for these damn things once you try them! Good Luck!
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