Looking to create a small latex puppet - New York City

I'm looking for someone in the New York City area who can create a small puppet of this creature for my web-series The Outer Boroughs.

The storyboards are quite elaborate as you can see.  I would have to simplify the shots but I would love to discuss the project
with someone looking for a small yet paying project.  I need to build a budget.  I hope to start this mid-summer.

I guess send me a direct message here. 




  • Great story boards and concept art.  Also a pretty cool looking creature!  Hope you are able to find someone in the NY area to help you out!

  • Thanks.  I originally wanted to build a large puppet but I can't raise that kind of money.  I want to make something smaller to comp into live-action plates that I shoot and to create tentacles for the live-action stuff. 
  • Here is a animated storyboard for the end sequence:

  • Very nice!

  • I am a designer/sculptor specializing in naturalistic pieces, and would be happy to chat with you about the project. Feel free to check out my website at gdtheatricals.com and contact me if interested in speaking further. Thanks. Jason. 
  • Hey i'm here in New York city contact me at 917-807-8053
  • Did it just flip him off at the end!? I don't know if that is where you are going but first I would like to say you had my attention with the storyboard, then there was possibly this surprising new interpersonal dynamic and my head shot up. Don't let me rewrite if that is what I just did. This looks great! and something I would like to see developed! Best of luck!

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