The Nun, Valak - contest entry 3 - N.Brown

I wanted to include one of my earlier works in the submissions, before I started using platinum silicone.  She is, like my earlier sculpts, made in nylon reinforced air drying clay, called Newclay, and Claydium (the top layers).   The eyes are polymer and glass, with UV resin coat, and LED backlit.  Hand sculpted by myself, then dried and painted with acrylics, she really unsettles my visitors.  Really, out of all my sculptures, she seems to truly upset my guests, and myself, the most.  It's a great character design and one I was pleased to attempt to recreate.  
   The timelapse video did very well.  Corin Hardy, the director of The Nun caught wind of it and retweeted it himself, so I was quite honoured.   You can watch the timelapse video of her creation here:

Pictures and progress shots of the Nun sculpt below:

Pre paint progress pics

pre-paint costume test

Early in the sculpt eye testing

About me:
My name is Nicholas Brown, and I run the LoreCraft youtube channel.  I am completely solo, doing all of the sculpting, painting, casting, everything by myself.  I film it all and edit it on my own for the channel, which is pretty much the synopsis of how I got started doing this 2 years ago.  My earlier works were all in air dry clay that I painted with acrylics, but after a good response to the work I was able to reinvest in platinum silicone, leave the air dry clay stuff behind, and try to move in what I hope is a more professional quality of work.  I'm still doing all these out of my one bedroom apartment, right in my kitchen, just as I always have from my very first video.  Everything I've ever made is available to watch on my channel if you're interested in tracking my progress and seeing some of my other work.  Thanks for the opportunity of this contest and best of luck to all entrants. Best - Nicholas

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