The Clown From Video Game Dead By Daylight

This entry is a mask of The Clown, one of the killer characters from the awesome survival horror video game, Dead By Daylight. If youŕe into horror and gaming and somehow haven stumbled upon this gem, I highly recommend you give it slash... ba-dum-tshh. Get it? Ok, anyway, as for the mask itself, I sculpted the design in WED clay then molded him, made a latex pull and then finished him up as you see him. I aimed to take the character from the game and ratchet up the realism a bit. I really wanted him to feel like a flesh and blood person who looks like they could actually exist in the real world, so to speak. At some point before Halloween Iĺl be making a fat suit and pot belly prosthetic appliance to complete the ensemble. Thanks for checking him out!


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