YOKAI - The Demon Mask

In legends, intense jealousy, terrible acts, or grudges can consume the soul and transform humans into terrible monsters. These humans slip away from society to complete their transformation in remote or abandoned places, where they will ultimately dwell. Such beings remain on Earth only to torment the living. Those who believe in superstition fear encountering monsters, while others disregard these stories as myth. The masked woman does not know if she is destined to become a monster, a lost soul tempted by the Oni, or even if such legends are true.

Traditional sculpture/media is what I have mainly worked in for the past few years, so when I learned of this character contest I wanted to challenge myself by sculpting and painting a full character digitally. I had just learned to use Zbrush last January, but the techniques for sculpting traditionally carried over quite well. Thank you to the people at SWSCA/Monster Makers who put this contest together and to Don Lanning/Jordu Schell for their excellent sculpture tutorials (Don's "Power of the X" saved me on skin details!!)

If you would like to see more of my work, you can find me on Instagram here.


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