Rattlesnake Prank & Post: Kentucky Derby Winner, Obscenely Expensive, Mr P & Little Jimmy Jeans Jr

My entry.... '' Little Jimmy Jeans Jr and his manager the unscrupulous 'Mr. P' make their living posting rattlesnake prank videos on You tube! Little Jimmy Jeans is actually a garden snake from Kentucky, who, along with Mr. P, devised a plan to strap a Maraca onto Jimmy Jean Jr's tail so Jimmy could fake being a rattlesnake. They would then scare the heck out of critters and celebrities with their prank. Many of their posts have gone viral the years and they have made a fortune. Mr. P's videos of Jimmy Jeans pranking critters have now been seen by over a billion people on Youtube. In the scene depicted they are caught in the act of Rattlesnake pranking the famous Kentucky Derby Winner, "Obscenely Expensive," as he was walking on to a race-track. Obscenely Expensive was so frightened he is the only horse in the world known to have done a complete back flip... and the unscrupulous Mr P got it all on video."
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