<Legends of Nüwa > 2019

<Legends of Nüwa > 2019

Sculpted by Lau Siu San, Hong Kong

Size:  W21cm x H26cm x D12cm

Medium: Clay



Nüwa is an independent powerful goddess, the creator of humankind who molded humans from clay and fight to make the earth a safe place for her children. 

She is a matchmaker, bestows fertility, invents sound and music, and brings harmony to heaven, earth, and humanity. She is a benefactor to people and all living creatures

Nüwa as the original ancestor of humanity, half-creature, half-human. The goddess Nüwa looked down on the world and it is nothing. She decided to come down and visit the world. The world only contained mountains and valleys, rivers and oceans, birds, insects, and fish when it was first created. She witnessed the bright sun and gentle rains caressing the bountiful land and found the world to be miraculous. She went to a river to wash her hands when she saw her reflection in the water. This gave her an idea. The riverbank was made of yellow clay. She grabbed some and molded it into a doll that looked like her. When she set it down, it became a living, breathing thing. Nüwa’s heart was filled with love. This is how humans came about.

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