Sly goblin mask sculpt

It took me quite some time but i finally finished my sculpt for a goblin mask today, just in time for the contest.

So, I 'm Thomas Weber, a creative idiot from Antwerp, Belgium. 
The character i sculpted is that of a sly and cunning goblin.
It is sculpted in a grey, soft, water-based clay (potter's clay) 
It is not the best material but i still like to use it, i 'm just used to it (and yes, it is cheap ;-) )

Although i have been making masks for years, i usually use a very different style. In fact, this will be my first detailed, full faced latex mask (complete with ears and a back of the head) 
Because of my background in theatre, i really like to give my characters a lot of expression and i tend to make them very much like caricatures. This usually means that i get something very stylized and smooth, but recognisable and readable on stage (from a distance). Although that tendency towards caricatures found its way into this character,  i really tried to ad a lot of texture and details to make it come alive.

I'm not a great photographer so i hope the shape and texture comes across okay...

So, here is my attempt, i hope you like it...  

i will start with a few work in progress pictures:

...And here is the finished sculpt…

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