Twin Brothers-Lab Rats - Laboratory experiments Entry 2

These are my Lab rat experiments. I got this idea from a man named  Vladimir Demikhov who was a pioneer in transplantology and actually created 2 headed dogs. He would attach a smaller dog from the front legs to his head (making the rest of its body amputated ) and attached to the bigger dogs top area near its neck. But anywho thats where i got the 2 human bodies to be attached together shown in the images they were stitched together. The idea Of rats ripping out of their mouths Is caused by radiation and rat dna mixed with human dna cause the inside of the people to turn into rats inside out. Although its not possible its something hollywood obviously can make up if they decided to make a film about it. Which i would die to see. it would be brutal yet satisfying. 
Sculpture made with super scupley  Paint job with Tim Gores "lifeline" paint set and lab equipment and everything in the background was handmade by me as part of a diorama from recycle pieces and mainly cardboard. 
inistagram (_shark__arttack_)
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