Monster clay stuck in gypsum mold

So i have been working on a sculpt for almost a month. It is a scale sheet 49" x 27" for a mermaid tail texture. 

I finally molded everything today and the mold came out great! Except for the fact that I forgot to use a release agent on the clay it self. (We petroleum jellied the exposed wood but not the clay it self). Now the clay is stuck in the mold and I have spent hours just getting the very small bit on the bottom of the mold out.

And that is if I can get it to even start rolling down off the mold . Most of the time I can't even get it to start peeling way. We have tried warming the clay up really warm which does work but leaves a ton of residue.  

Does anyone have any other ideas on how to get the clay out a little easier? My fingers are killing me scraping over this sharp texture! 


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    Sorry for the late reply. I am glad you were successful in getting the clay out of the mold. If you have any residue left you can lightly scrub the mold with soap and water using a soft brush. Next time be sure to spray your Monster Clay with a a few light coats of pledge or endust before molding. The clay will peel out of the mold very easily using that simple method of release. Others swear by using PAM cooking oil when making plaster molds. I have personally never tried it but those that have, say it works very well and does not leave any residue in the mold. Hope that helps : )
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    Thank you so much for answering, Arnold!

     *Update* I just finished cleaning out the mold yesterday and used a variety of techniques to get the clay out. Most involved heating. 

    We warned the clay enough to soften and scrape the majority of the clay out of the mold. Once the majority was out we were able to liquify the clay in sections slowly and roll another peice of clay over top to pick it up  like play doh. We then used mineral spirits and a bristle brush to remove moist of the rest of the clay with approximately 5 passes. Then finally finished with a toothpick  and brush to clean the last remnants out of the mold. It was a process but I am so glad that it only took 6 hours. It could have been so much longer. 

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