Stop Motion Animation Part 1: Puppet Creation

Use the forum to workshop ideas, ask questions and work with others to make the best creation you can!


  • My Zombie puppet armature is done! :) I am having so much fun with this class!

    I made my armature out of that plastic covered wire they use for toy packaging ties. I did this because I have a lot of it, and also I thought it might make the puppet more durable in terms of the wire being less likely to break. I do think it will effect the animation as the wire does have some of that bounce back that was talked about, but it makes it a more durable toy I can give to someone that they could then have fun with posing it.

    I am also thinking the legs are a bit weak and could have done with an extra wire. Would it be a good idea to add one now? If so where would the best place be to start and stop it? Or should I just leave it as is, as he can stand on his own no problem?

  • Your armature looks amazing, great job!

  • Thanks Chris :) I am looking forward to doing his top layer next week
  • anyne got any idea where to get the foam from?. im trying to find the thin stuff but cant really find it anywhere. i can only find black cushion foam
  • Looks good!
  • looks awesome!
  • Loving this course so far! Here's my puppet coming along
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