Mr C Shore character sculpt

Hi everyone,
My name is Ruben and I am a primary school (Elementary) art teacher based in South Africa. 
The size of my character is 4.9 inches high. The material I have used is Plasticine. A bit soft for something this size, but it's all I have. The character I've created is my own concept. I used denim material to press a pattern onto the character's "Old School" dive suit. Mineral Turpentine and a small paint brush was used to make areas of the character smooth. Anyway it's supposed to be a lighthearted piece due to the Octopus giving Mr C Shore a "Wet Willy" (sticking it's tentacle into Mr C Shore's ear). Hence the expression on his face. The next step for me would be to make a mold, cast a few Mr C Shores in resin and see if I can sell a few. Thanks and all the best to all the entrants.

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