Polyphemus Character Maquette 1:87 scale

Hi all, Decided to do a Polyphemus character maquette for the character sculpting contest. Two weeks in off time working on this design, lopped off his head at one point and started a new one. It was a long and wild journey, that is never quite over but I had to call him finished at some point. The sculpt was done in super sculpey, painted with acrylics in a dry brush technique. Early on I made the decision I would like to put my creature design in a setting with scale, Poly is roughly fifty-five feet tall in 1:87 scale, a lot bigger then normally depicted, the sheep are Prieser model sheep to give a point of reference to his size. And he had sheep on the island of Sicily so I thought it would be telling of his story. His father was Poseidon, so I thought it would be cool to give him an element of ocean life playing into his design, so I gave him a hammerhead look. Really honored to be around such talented folks here on the forum. I would really like to win because I want to keep learning, improving in sculpting and creature design, Stan Winston has the best of the best in teachers and inspirational folks in the business. Thank you for this opportunity and all my best to all the other awesome contestants here, theres some mind blowing art happening! cheers.


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