Character Sculpting Contest Entry 2: Forest Creature

Here is my second entry, a creature of the forest I sculpted, I did the paintjob a few month ago. Sculpted in air hardening clay, height: 30 inches. Hope you'll like it! 


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    Wow thats impressive for air dry clay what brand do you use? Awesome character and sculpt! Paint application is really really amazing.
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    Thank you Dimitri!! I use Das and Plastiroc, two different brands for quite the same material. It's actually made for kids, but when you know how to play with drying times, you can work on different layers of wrikles and textures. But it's still limited, it's a rough material which doesn't allow really really fine details.
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    The affects you were able to achieve with das is amazing. Looks professional. I have das maybe I will give it a try. it seems like its a little better on the environment then sculpey, which I tend to use a lot of. I have seen a lot of amazing Japanese sculptures use stone powder clay, which is similar to das I think, its very inspiring to see what artists are able to achieve in different media. Thank you for sharing your process!
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