Hello! Ok so I think I made a mistake, so before i scrap my sculpt i want to run it by ya'll.  I have the "Alana" head bust from monster makers. I use monster clay. Plan on doing a front one piece mold since the sculpt will mainly be used as a face prosthetic.  Here is my problem. I did not spray the Alana bust before i started. When I'm all done can i use crystal clear? or have i just ruined it by not prepping it right? Also I used acrylic teeth. What is the best thing to put over them to keep them from sticking?


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    Hey Nicole,

    I've never worked with the Alana bust from Monster Makers, so I'm not sure if they require any kind of sealing before sculpting.  I would imagine you are fine just throwing your clay on it and sculpting.

    As for molding prep, you can hit everything with some Crystal Clear.  I typically don't spray the Crystal clear on anything other than my sculpt, and use a release spray/soap/wax/vaseline on any armature that will be included in the mold.  But that's just how I've done it.

    If you will be molding the teeth intact, you can brush a little release on them.  But because they are rigid structures be careful about overhangs and shapes that will otherwise lock into your mold.  If you are making a silicone mold you are a bit safer, but a stone or epoxy mold would likely lock on any rigid forms like teeth.    I guess the question there is how do you plan on molding it, and what material do you plan on casting into the final mold?

    I like to remove teeth before molding (leaving the empty sockets) and then glue in acrylic denture teeth in the final cast piece.  But that may not be a fit for your project.

    Best of luck!

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