How to add skin and feathers to a Worbla model?

Hi all, hoping someone can help with suggestions.  My 11 year old daughter is making a life sized half skeleton, half lifelike model of an Anchiornis huxleyi (paravian - pre-bird dinosaur) for a science competition.  Yeah, I know, ambitious much??!  Anyway she's made the fleshed side of the body out of Worbla formed over an aluminium foil shape & she's made the skull & jaw.  She needs to cover just that half with feathered skin & we're wondering the best way to do it.  This is all new to us!  So far she's tried putting emu feathers into grey fleece fabric for the skin with the intention of gluing it straight to the Worbla - what glue would be best if she did that?  The feathers are coming out though, so she is now thinking of a latex skin & inserting feathers into it.  How would she do that?  Paint the latex straight onto the Worbla & then stick the feathers in & hope they stay put?  She also needs to consider how to attach the longer flight feathers on the legs which would take greater strength to stay in place.  Any hints, tips, ideas?  Pics showing what an Anchiornis huxleyi looks like, a half skeleton, half taxidermy rabbit to demonstrate how she wants it to look & what she's created so far...  (And we're in Australia so any products we're likely to find here would be great!)


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    Sorry, just realised I've posted in the wrong category.  Can't seem to move it to General.  Oops!

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