Animam Sanguinis

a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, the dark side hides away a Sith.  A Sith just waiting for the last Jedi to fall. For on that day, a Sith will emerge and finish what has been started. Kneel before Animam Sanguinis 

I have been using Stan Winston from the beginning!!!  This is a 1:1 Monster clay sculpture. Eyes made by me based off of the John Cherevka class. Sculpture by me and towel hood courtesy of Big Lots late tonight. I would like to give a shout out to Jordu, Casey Love, Simon Lee, Tim Gore, Steve Wang, Mike Hill, Shifflett brothers, pizza, sugar free Rockstar and all monsters big and small, and of course Stan Winston!  I feel like my dreams are coming true!!!

Thanks Matt!


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    Wow Kurt, you have improved dramatically my friend! Great job!
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    Thank you. I have really been studying and practicing as much as I can. Taking my time and getting things more accurate
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    This is cool Kurt👍👍
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