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hi thanks for looking
im trying to put a resin sculpture I’ve made in a glass dome and pour in clear resin so the final project looks like it’s floating. The problem I’m having is the amount of heat produced from the clear resin is to much and I’m worried it will crack the glass. Does anyone know another way of doing it ? Or a way to keep the temp down ? 
The dome is approximately 1ft high by 6” wide 
Any advice would be appreciated 
Thanks !


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    Hi Jason,

    Glass can crack under heat do to thermal shock from changing temperatures too quickly or unevenly.  One solution (if the resin does get hot enough to be a threat to the glass) would be to slowly pre-heat your glass so it does not have to change temperature so quickly.  Just make sure the heating is gradual and even across the entire surface, as temperature variances (one side/area hotter than the other) can also cause cracking.

    We'd love to see photos of your project, either finished or in progress!

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    Hi Chris thanks for the quick reply ! That sounds like a good idea ! Will defo post some pics soon and let you know how it goes 
    thanks again 
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