Which clay for sculpting? (Beginner)


I am new on the forum. After some years, i decided to suscribe and learn some techniques. I am from Belgium (Small country in Europe). 
Sculpture, stop motion puppet, model making are very interesting to me and also maybe in the future animatronics.

I would like to know which videos from Stan Winston School are the best to begin with sculpture? Because i am completely beginner.
Where can i buy some clays for sculpture and which clays are the best?



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    Hi Drekahn,

    If you are just getting started I would suggest checking out our new Learning Pathway for Sculpture Basics https://www.stanwinstonschool.com/pathways/sculpture-basics-online-courses-for-beginning-sculptors-to-learn-basic-sculpting

    That pathway contains a lot of lessons that are a great starting point for sculpting.

    As for what clay you use, there are a wide variety of options out there, and what you pick may depend on your sculpting style, type of project you want to sculpt, budget, and availability.   Oil based clays like Chavant NSP and Monster Clay are very popular.  Water clays like WED are great because they are fast to work with (but can dry out) and for smaller project Super Sculpey is great because you can bake it when done.  My suggestion is to find a local art store and see what options they have.  Baste on availability you can then see what works for your budget and what clays you might enjoy working with.

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    Thank you very much for your advices
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    I would recommend trying any chavant or monster clay, because they never dry out and you can try sculpting as long as you are satisfied with your project, I am from europe too, Austria, its very hard to get things like these there:/
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