There is no Closed Caption for videos. And other questions

I am deaf and I am disappointed that the videos don't have closed caption. Can you make this happen? Let me know.

I have other question about Servo/Python/Maya, Do you have tutorial for OS MAC?


  • Hi Jason,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.  This is a subject we really care a great deal about.

    Unfortunately we have only been able to have a portion of our library setup for closed captions due to the cost.  This is something we hope to address in the future as closed captioning services become more affordable.  Part of the challenge we face is the large size of our library, length of our content, and the technical nature of many of our lessons. 

    For the Python/Maya question.  As the instructor for that lesson uses Windows as their main OS, the software they showed was all specific to that environment.  The concepts can still be applied in MAC operating systems as Maya and Python development are both supported in OSX etc, however the custom code the instructor had setup may require some changes.

    I've actually been looking into handling that same process on OSX using Unity as the 3D environment, but I've yet to really dive into that!


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