Yoda Head Sculpture @ 450 (younger)

Hi All, here is my entry, I was inspired by an artists variation on a younger version of Yoda (instead of the 900 year old version we see in the Star Wars films), I decided to do Yoda at about 450 some where. Still heavy on the brows forehead area, but this version has a more defined nose, jawline, cheekbones and the ears are more upward in angle. His face isn't as round and the bumpy plates on the upper forehead are softer. He also has lips before they thin away to nothing. The first pics are of the sculpture, then the last is the sculpture going through the start of the moulding process. He is sculpted in NSP Medium hardness clay. Moulded (Completing now) in fibreglass (Will be a core mould) then silicone skin with a poly foam filling and hair punched. 

Feedback welcome. Good luck to All! :smile: 



  • Cool idea!  Never thought about what he looked like when he was young.  Now makes me wonder about Augrah from Dark Crystal.... Or like, what about when Jabba The Hut was skinny?

  • Thanks Dean, I have actually done an Aughra sculpt/foam latex puppet before! 
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